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Truly Nolen of Flagstaff, AZ
With nearly 100 locations nationwide, Truly Nolen has more than 80 years of experience bringing environmentally responsible and affordable pest control to neighborhoods just like Flagstaff.
Flagstaff services include:
3900 W Historic Rte 66
Unit 3
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Mike Holbert
Branch Manager
Email Mike Office: (928) 522-9262
How to Get Rid of Crickets in Arizona
How to Get Rid of Crickets in Arizona
Although they pose no immediate health risks, they have been known to eat through everything from wallpaper glue to wool to silk. If you are seeing crickets inside your Arizona home then they will be sure to attract hungry spiders and scorpions.
More Cricket Pest Tips
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What Our Customers Say
We have used the services of the FLAGSTAFF office for five years. From our first service to our current one, we are very satisfied customers! From telephone questions to on-site calls everyone is professional, friendly and helpful. Our current service technician, Josh Wakefield is very knowledgeable. He has given us great advice and his service has been excellent! (Sally Ake)
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Pest, Termite & Rodent Control in Flagstaff, AZ

Located along the famous Route 66, the Truly Nolen in Flagstaff, Arizona, is here to help residents guard their homes against infestation. From ant prevention to bed bug control, our technicians have the experience necessary to rid your home of many common pests. Our location allows us to provide exceptional pest control service to all of the people who call Flagstaff home, whether you've lived here forever or have just relocated. Keep your home free from pests by enlisting the help of the expert technicians at Truly Nolen.

Pest Control, Removal and Extermination in Flagstaff

From spiders and roaches to flies and earwigs, Truly Nolen technicians are experienced in treating homes for more than 100 types of pests. Opt for a one-time treatment to get rid of an infestation or sign up for routine maintenance and let us treat your home throughout the year to deter pests from moving in.

Rat, Mice and Rodent Removal in Flagstaff

If you are sharing your home with a couple of rats or mice, a full-blown infestation is just weeks away because rodents reproduce rapidly. As soon as you see scratch marks or droppings around your home, contact Truly Nolen so we can remove the rodents safely and effectively. As part of our removal service, we'll identify and block potential points of entry so the creatures can't return.

Termite Inspection and Treatments in Flagstaff

Termites can cause an incredible amount of destruction in a short period of time. Because they burrow deep inside the structure of your home, you don't usually see them or know they're present until the damage is extensive. If you have an infestation, it is crucial to remove the entire colony of termites so they will not cause more damage. When treating your home for termite control, Truly Nolen technicians will examine the following areas of your home for signs of these pests.

  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Beams
  • Rafters

Schedule Your Free Inspection

If you suspect that you may have a pest, termite or rodent issue, Truly Nolen in Flagstaff can help! Contact us today and an expert will be available to speak with you about termite, pest, or bed bug problems in your home. As always you can contact us at 928-522-9262 or online to speak with a professional about a pest control plan that fits your home.