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Truly Nolen of Pompano Beach, FL
With nearly 100 locations nationwide, Truly Nolen has more than 80 years of experience bringing environmentally responsible and affordable pest control to neighborhoods just like Pompano Beach.
Pompano Beach services include:
876 Nw 12Th Ave
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
How to Get Rid of Norway Rats
How to Get Rid of Norway Rats
Since the Norway rat is less of a climber, traps should be set in hidden areas, close to walls, behind objects, in dark corners, and in places where rat signs, such as droppings, have been seen. Position traps along a wall so that they extend from the wall at right angles, with the trigger end nearly touching the wall.
More Norway Rat Tips
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Communities We Service

  • Dania Beach
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Lauderdale By The Sea
  • Lauderdale Lakes
  • Pompano
  • Sea Ranch Lakes
What Our Customers Say
Our truly Nolen representative is Nick. Can't say enough good things. Aside from doing his job well and my yard now being rodent free, he's very professional. Nick goes above and beyond to work around my schedule and provide services at a time that is convenient for me. Great communication, always contacts me either by phone or text to make sure I am a available and comes every month like like clockwork. Very happy with the company and their customer service. (Yadel Romero)
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Pest, Termite & Rodent Control in Pompano Beach, Fl

Every year, Pompano Beach, Florida, is flooded with tourists eager to enjoy the salt life for the summer but residents have to prepare for a different type of infestation. No one enjoys having a pest infestation, and the Truly Nolen team is on standby to help you prevent pests, rodents and termites from taking up residence in your home. Whether you need a one-time treatment to protect your home or you want ongoing maintenance to keep pests from returning, Truly Nolen offers a service that meets your needs.

Pest Control, Removal and Extermination in Pompano Beach

The experts at Truly Nolen offer year-long maintenance and one-time treatments depending upon your needs. We'll work to identify which types of pests are plaguing you and determine which treatment strategy will be most beneficial so we can eradicate them so they won't return. We are trained to eliminate more than 100 different types of pests, including those listed below.

  • Gnats
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Roaches
  • Ticks
  • Beetles
  • Bed bug control

Termite Inspections and Treatment in Pompano Beach

Because termites infest the wooden structure of your home, you probably won't see or hear them until they've caused a devastating amount of damage. You'll need Truly Nolen to intervene quickly once you notice signs of termites. We'll identify which type of termite is invading your home and find out where they're coming from so we can eliminate the source and prevent them from returning.

Rat, Mice and Rodent Removal in Pompano Beach

No one wants to share their home with mice or rats. If you start to notice bite or scratch marks on your food containers or start to see droppings around your house, contact Truly Nolen as quickly as possible. Our technicians are trained to remove these pests safely and sanitarily while blocking points or entry so the rodents can't return.

Schedule Your Free Inspection

Whether you are a lifelong resident of Pompano Beach, Florida, or have just moved, trust the Truly Nolen to near Mitchell Moore Park to take care of all your pest control needs. Our technicians are ready to provide you with a free estimate, so call us at 954-946-2700 or schedule an appointment.